Skiathos is undoubtedly famous for its beautiful beaches. The island has over 60 beaches covering all tastes. You will find beaches where pine trees hug the sea, creating a unique blue-green color. Organized or quiet, with sand or pebbles and all with crystal clear waters.

For adventure lovers there are 15 ski schools in Skiathos. Most of the southern beaches offer the possibility for water sports of all kinds (ski, wakeboard, jet ski, kayak) but also for more relaxed activities such as tubes, sup, banana or water biking.

Most of the beaches are easily accessible by road but also by boats that depart from the old port of Skiathos.

The most famous are:


Organized beaches with beautiful sand. In Megali Ammos and in Achladies you will find facilities with water sports. Vasilias is divided into two beaches. The small Vasilias, a quiet beach with rich shade due to the pine trees and the Megalos Vasilias with good organization.


Wonderful sandy beaches, fully organized for coffee, food and sea sports.


One of the best known beaches of the island with golden sand, pine trees and crystal calm waters. There you will find a beach bar for coffee, cocktails or food as well as a beach volleyball court and facilities with water sports.


Beautiful beaches with golden sand and calm, crystal clear waters. Ideal for families and equipped with all the necessary facilities.


The most popular beach of Skiathos and awarded several times as one of the most beautiful in the world. It is characterized by the endless golden sandy beach of 800 meters, the shallow and warm waters and the beautiful pine forest located right behind the beach.
The forest - as well as the Strofilia lagoon located within it - is a rare wetland, which is currently an area protected by the Municipality of Skiathos within the framework of European Programs.
On the beach you will find umbrella seats, beach bars, water sports, and a diving school.


Undoubtedly one of the most impressive beaches of the island. It is divided into two beaches, the small Banana, more secluded and friendly to nudists, and the large Banana, fully organized with a beach bar, restaurant and water sports. The two beaches are located in an enchanting bay of exotic beauty where you can enjoy wonderful sunsets.


Organized beach with clear blue waters, ideal for families. It has a beach bar and a water sports center.


A real paradise hidden in a small bay. It is a calm beach with fine sand and blue waters. It has a small canteen and umbrella seats. It is accessible via a downhill dirt path.


Two wonderful beaches on the north side of the island with sand dunes and red rocks. Ideal options for those looking for peace and relaxation. They have a canteen and umbrella seats.


Beaches of wild beauty with small pebbles, coarse sand and steep blue waters. Both have a canteen and umbrella seating.


Remote, quiet beaches accessible by car via a dirt road with several bends. Exposed to the north wind, they often have big waves. On Kechria beach there is a fish restaurant where you can enjoy your meal.


The beach is located at the northernmost tip of the island, below the old medieval town of Skiathos. Going up the slope you can visit the ruins of the ancient city and admire the wonderful view from above. A particularly beautiful beach with coarse sand, crystal clear waters and an imposing natural landscape. It is not organized but there is a small canteen.


Perhaps the most famous natural attraction of Skiathos with its round white pebbles and stunning turquoise waters. The famous Lalaria beach stands out from the rest as it is the only one that is not surrounded by greenery but by steep all-white rocks.
At the edge of the beach dominates the much-photographed "Trypia Petra", a rock that extends into the sea forming an arch.
The beach is not organized, while the collection of pebbles is strictly prohibited. It is accessible only from the sea and only when the sea is calm, with daily boats from the port of Skiathos.


Beach with coarse sand, small pebbles and cool waters. It is located in the north-eastern part of the island, on the same line as the airport runway. It stands out as you will see the planes literally pass over your head!


Tsougrias is a magical uninhabited small island opposite the port of Skiathos. It is covered in dense vegetation, filled with pine and olive trees and has two small ponds as well as a now-ruined olive mill. It is worth visiting the picturesque church of Agios Floros to enjoy a beautiful view.
There are 3 beaches on the island, with the central one being the most popular. The beach is fully organized and particularly impressive with its blue-green shallow waters and fine soft sand. Tsougria can be reached by tourist boats that depart daily from the old port of Skiathos.