Skiathos is one of the most suitable Greek islands for hiking. The unique natural landscape and the amazing view will make your walk unforgettable.
There are 26 hiking trails with a total length of 208 km. All trails are in very good condition, marked and tracked with GPS. You can do routes from easy to moderate difficulty and depending on your endurance and the choice of the route, there are routes lasting from 1 to 6 hours.
You will enjoy pleasant routes in a pristine natural environment full of fragrant flowers and herbs. You will pass through forests, monasteries, water mills and historical monuments. you will find fantastic panoramic views as well as beautiful beaches with turquoise waters.
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Sailing in the Sporades is an extraordinary experience as you are given the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape in gentle and crystal clear waters.
Based in Skiathos, you'll have a wealth of options for all the islands of the Sporades, planning day or week-long getaways. You can visit Skopelos, Alonissos, Skyros, but also about 20 rocky islets or smaller, beautiful islands, such as Arkos, Peristera and Tsougrias.
You will discover secluded beaches and swim in turquoise waters, where access is only possible by sea.
You will see dolphins, enjoy diving in the Blue Cave and maybe meet Kareta-Kareta turtles in Skopelos. You can visit Greece's first marine park in Alonissos. There you will meet the Monachus-Monachus seals and other protected wildlife while enjoying the Mediterranean landscape and pristine beaches.
Sailing in the Sporades is an excellent experience as the wind intensity is milder compared to the central Aegean. Even in July and August when the strongest winds blow in Greece, Beaufort in the Sporades region does not exceed 5 Beaufort. Additional security is provided by the fact that the islands are a short distance from each other.
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For cycling enthusiasts, Skiathos offers many options of cycling routes with wonderful changes in the natural landscape. Due to the small size of the island, but also its natural and cultural wealth, Skiathos is a unique destination for cyclists, as well as for those looking for contact with nature.
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Horse riding is a big part of the tradition in Skiathos, with annual horse races on Lake Agios Georgios for many years.
Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, you can enjoy wonderful routes through the forest that lead to beautiful beaches. The routes last from one to three hours depending on the level of the riders.
For information Skiathos Riding Center (Koukounaries) +30242704954


For those looking for powerful experiences, they can discover the unknown beauty of the bottom of Skiathos, by diving. Guided by experienced divers you can dive to wrecks and reefs and visit the red coral cave of Poseidon.
The diving centers are located in Koukounaries (Skiathos Diving Center, in Tzaneria beach (Dolphin Diving Center phone: 694 499 9181) and in the new port of Skiathos (Octopus Dive Center Phone: tel 694 416 8958).