House-Museum of Alexandros Papadiamantis

Alexandros Papadiamantis, also known as "the saint of Greek letters", left behind a large literary work of poems and prose that he began writing in 1879. The house is located in the center of the village of Skiathos, a few meters from the new port, in an alley along Papadiamanti Street.

The house is a modest, representative example of Skiathian architecture. Inside you will see original furniture and objects of the time as well as the pen and inkwell he used to write his 180 short stories.

In 1990, repair and fixing works were carried out on the building. It remains shaped as it was until the last moments of the great story writer.


Entering the port, you face one of the most important attractions of Skiathos, Bourtzi.

It is a peninsula that divides the port of Skiathos in two. It was a fortress founded during the years of the Venetian occupation by the Gizi brothers, who occupied Skiathos in 1207, after the fall of the City by the Crusaders.

It was bombarded in 1660 by the Venetian admiral Francesco Morosini. Few remnants of the walls are preserved from the old fortress and the fortress tank and the location where the church of Agios Georgios was located can be seen. In 1906 a primary school was built in the center of the peninsula and at its entrance has been the bust of Alexandros Papadiamantis since 1925.

Today, Bourtzi is an idyllic place of relaxation, overgrown with pine trees with a magnificent view. The old elementary school has been transformed into a cultural center, with stylish and functional meeting rooms, which today houses the Skiathos Maritime and Cultural Tradition Museum and a dreamy summer theater.


It is a peninsula in the northern part of the island, which was a natural fortress with walls dotted with battlements and cannons. It was the capital of Skiathos between 1360 and 1829. Due to constant pirate raids, the people of Skiathos were forced to abandon the ancient city of Skiathos and to found their city in Kastro. With the establishment of the Greek Independent State, the Castle was abandoned in 1830 and four churches, the roof with the scald, the gate and some part of the wall, a cannon and a half-demolished mosque are preserved in the location where it was today.

Churches and Monasteries

It is worth seeing the churches and monasteries of the island, among them stand out: I.M. Evangelistrias, I.M. Panagias Kounistras, Agios Nikolaos above the new port, Agios Charalambous Monastery and I.M. Millet with the characteristic red dome.

Museum of Maritime and Cultural Tradition of Skiathos

The museum is housed in the cultural center located in Bourtzi and was founded in 2015. Through its permanent collection consisting of more than six hundred exhibits, it also tells takes us on a journey through the two centuries of Shipbuilding and Maritime history of Skiathos.

Skiathitiko Spiti (Skiathos House)

It is a small family museum, with the aim of preserving and highlighting the traditional way of life of the last century in Skiathos. It is a wonderful stone-built two-story building from 1910 on Polytechniou Street, where the visitor is guided through the ancestral house full of heirlooms, costumes, objects and photographs.